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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Steel Structure Design }

22.  Cold driven rivets range from
A. 6 to 10 mm in diameter
B. 10 to 16 mm in diameter
C. 12 to 22 mm in diameter
D. 22 to 32 mm in diameter

23. Diameter of a rivet hole is made larger than the diameter of the rivet by
A. 1.0 mm for rivet diameter upto 12 mm
B. 1.5 mm for rivet diameter exceeding 25 mm
C. 2.0 mm for rivet diameter over 25 mm
D. none of these.

24.  The gross diameter of a rivet is the diameter of
A. cold rivet before driving
B. rivet after driving
C. rivet hole
D. none of these.

25.  The distance measured along one rivet line from the centre of a rivet to the centre of adjoining rivet on an adjacent parallel rivet line, is called
A. pitch of rivet
B. gauge distance of rivet
C. staggered pitch
D. all the above

26.  An imaginary line along which rivets are placed, is known as
A. rivet line
B. scrieve line
C. back line
D. all the above.

27.  Working shear stress on the gross area of a rivet as recommended by Indian Standards, is
A. 785 kg/cm2
B. 1025 kg/cm2
C. 2360 kg/cm2
D. none of these.

28.  When two plates are placed end to end and are idined by two cover plates, the joint is known as
A. lap joint
B. butt joint
C. chain riveted lap joint
D. double cover butt joint.

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