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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Steel Structure Design }

204.  When the thickness of the web of the girder is less than
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205.  Pick up the correct statement form the following Unsupported clear dimension of a web panel shall not exceed:
A. 250 t
B. 225 t
C. 275 t
D. 300 t
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206.  The vertical stiffeners are spaced
A. greater than 1.5 d
B. lesser than 0.33 d
C. Both the statements are right
D. Both statements are wrong
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207.  The horizontal stiffeners are so designed that moment of inertia I is not less than, where c1 is the actual distance between the vertical stiffeners of the girder.
A. 2c1
B. 3c ti
C. 4Ci ti
D. 4c1 ti
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208. When the thickness of web of a plate girder is less than d/250, another horizontal stiffener is provided:
A. just below the upper flange
B. just above the lower flange
C. at the neutral axis
D. any where intension area.
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