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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Steel Structure Design }

197.  The safe working pressure for a spherical vessel 1.5 ni diameter and having 1.5 cm thick wall not to exceed tensile stress 50 kg/cm2, is
A. 16 kg/cm2
B. 18 kg/cm2
C. 20 kg/cm2
D. 22 kg/cm2.
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198. The value of f.o.s in the formula for safe compressive stress fat a column is taken as pc/M 1+ 0.20 sec R1/r) m vri57/71.kf
D. 1.88.
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199. In plastic analysis, the shape factor for circular sections, is
D. none of these.
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200. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
A. Stiffeners are provided in the web of plate girder to counter act the diagonal and vertical buckling.
B. In riverted plate girders, angle sections are used as stiffeners.
C. In welded plate girders, plates are used as stiffeners.
D. All of these
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201.  Pick up the correct statement from the following
A. The maximum out stand of angle stiffeners from the web is 12 t
B. The maximum out stand of flat stiffeners from the web is 16 t
C. The maximum out stand of angle stiffeners from the web is 16 t
D. Both statements (a) and (b) are right.
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202.  Bearing stiffeners:
A. are provided to distribute the load to the web.
B. are provided at the supports and at the points of concentrated loads.
C. consists of single angles on one other side of the web.
D. All of the above
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203.  The bearing stiffeners are designed as columns assuming the section to consist of the pair of stiffeners together with a length of web on each side of the centre line of the stiffeners where available equal to :
A. 10 times the web thickness
B. 15 times the web thickness
C. 20 times the web thickness
D. 25 times the web thickness
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