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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Steel Structure Design }

190.  Tacking rivets in tension members, are provided at a pitch in line not exceeding
A. 25 cm
B. 50 cm
C. 75 cm
D. 100 cm.
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191.  The greatest gauge of long rivets should not exceed, where d is the diameter of the holes.
A. 2 d
B. 4 d
C. 6 d
D. 8 d
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192. The diameter of a bolt hole is taken as the nominal diameter of the bolt plus
A. 1.0 mm
B. 1.2 mm
C. 1.4 mm
D. 1.6 mm
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193.  The maximum length of 6 mm fillet weld required to connect a tie bar 80 mm x 8 mm with a gusset plate 8 mm thick, assuming permissible stress in tension as 1500 kg/cm2, is
A. 20.32 cm
B. 21.32 cm
C. 22.32 cm
D. 23.32 cm.
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194. The strength of ISA 125 = 75 x 10 min used as a tie member with its longer leg connected at the ends by 27 mm diameter rivets, is
A. 26,000 kg
B. 26,025 kg
C. 26,050 kg
D. 26,075 kg
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195. The stress in the wall of a thin cylinder subjected to internal pressure, is
A. hoop compression
B. shear
C. torsional shear
D. hoop tension,
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196.  Water pressure in a 80 cm water main is 10 kg/cm2. The minimum thickness of the metal required for the water main, not to be stressed more than 200 kg/cm2, is
A. 1 cm
B. 1.5 cm
C. 2 cm
D. 2.5 cm
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