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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Steel Structure Design }

113. The effective length L of a simply supported beam with ends restrained against torsion, and also the ends of compression flange partially restrained against lateral bending, is given by
A. L = span
B. L = 0.85 span
C. L = 0.75 span
D. L = 0.7 span
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114.  For a cantilever beam support and restrained against effective projecting length 1 is
A. 1 = 0L
B. 1 = 0.85L
C.1 = L.
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115.  For a cantilever beam of length L continuous at the support and unrestrained against torsion at the support and free at the end, the effective length 1 is equal to
A.1 = L
B. 1 = 0.75L
C. 1 = 0.5L
D. 1 = 3L
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116.  The permissible bearing stress in steel, is
A. 1500 kg/cm2
B. 1890 kg/cm2
C. 2025 kg/cm2
D. 2340 kg/cm2
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117.  Web crippling generally occurs at the point where
A. bending moment is maximum
B. shearing force is minimum
C. concentrated loads act
D. deflection is maximum
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118.  To the calculated area of cover plates of a built-up beam, an allowance for rivet holes to be added, is
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119.  In a built up beam actual bending compressive stress fix is given by when yi is the distance of the edge of the beam from the neutral axis.
A.fbxx x
B. fb, - m x.Y1
C. fbe - m + Yi
D. fbc - irxx+ Y I
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