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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Steel Structure Design }

106.  In rolled steel beams, shear force is mostly resisted by
A. web only
B. flanges only
C. web and flanges together
D. none of these.
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107.  For a rectangular section, the ratio of the maximum and average shear stresses, is
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108.  The permissible stress in bending for rolled steel 1-beams and channels, is
A. 1500 kg/cm2
B. 1575 kg/cm2
C. 945 kg/cm2
D. 1650 kg/cm2
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109.  The average shear stress for rolled steel beam section, is
A. 845 kg/cm2
B. 945 kg/cm2
C. 1025 kg/cm2
D. 1500 kg/cm2
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110.  The deflection of beams may be decreased by
A. increasing the depth of beam
B. increasing the span
C. decreasing the depth of beam
D. increasing the width of beam
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111.  For simply supported beams, the maximum permitted deflection, is
A. 1/325 of the span
B. 1/350 of the span
C. 1/375 of the span
D. 1/400 of the span
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112.  A simply supported beam carrying a central load, will be safe in deflection if the ratio of its span to depth, is
A. < 19
B. < 24
C. >19
D. >24
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