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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Steel Structure Design }

99.  A major beam in a building structure, is known as
A. a girder
B. a floor beam
C. a main beam
D. all the above.

100.  The beam outside a wall upto floor level above it, is known as
A. rafter
B. purlin
C. spandrel beam
D. lintel

101.  The beams supporting the steps of a stair are generally known as
A. headers
B. trimmers
C. stringers
D. spandrel beams.

102.  In factory buildings, the horizontal beams spanning between the wall columns supporting a wall covering, are called
A. stringers
B. trimmers
C. girts
D. lintels.

103. The rolled steel I-sections are most commonly used as beams because these provide
A. large moment of inertia with less cross-sectional area
B. large moment of resistance as compared to other section
C. greater lateral stability
D. all the above.

104. The moment of the couple set up in a section of a beam by the logitudinal compressive and tensile force, is known as
A. bending moment
B. moment of resistance
C. flexural stress moment
D. none of these.

105.  The gross section of the web of a beam is defined as
A. depth of the beam multiplied by its web thickness
B. width of the flange multiplied by its web thickness
C. sum of the flange width and depth of the beam multiplied by the web thickness
D. none of these.

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