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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Steel Structure Design }

78.  In a grillage footing, the maximum shear force occurs at the
A. edge of grillage beam
B. centre of base plate
C. centre of grillage beam
D. centre of base plate.

79. For the economical design of a combined footing to support two equal column loads, the projections of beams in lower tier are kept such that bending moment under column is equal to
A. bending moment at the centre of the beam
B. half the bending moment at the centre of the beam
C. twice the bending moment at the centre of the beam
D. none of these.

80.  For a steel grillage footing to support two unequal column loads
A. line of action of the resultant of two column loads, is made to coincide with the centre of gravity of the base of the footing
B. trapezoidal shape is used for the base footing
C. projections of beams on either side in lower tier are such that bending moments under columns are equal
D. all the above.

81. If L is the overall length of a combined footing having A as its area, d being the distance between the centre of gravity of the base and centre of the base, the larger width b is
A. 10 tonnes
B. 12 tonnes
C. 15 tonnes
D. 18 tonnes

82.  A structural member subjected to tensile force in a direction parallel to its logitudinal axis, is generally known as
A. a tie
B. tie member
C. a tension member
D. Ml the above.

83. The net area of round bars to resist the tension, is the area of cross section at
A. mid-section
B. root of the thread
C. difference of (a) and (b)
D. none of these.

84. When the length of a tension member is too long
A. a wire rope is used
B. a rod is used
C. a bar is used
D. a single angle is used.

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