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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Steel Structure Design }

1. If the thickness of a structural member is small as compared to its length and width, it is classified as
A. one dimensional
B. two dimensional
C. three dimensional
D. none of these.

2.  The main advantage of a steel member, is :
A. its high strength
B. its gas and water tightness
C. its long service life
D. all the above.

3.  As per ISI, rolled steel beam sections are classified into
A. two series
B. three series
C. four series
D. five series.

4. Rolled steel beams are designated by Indian Standard series and its
A. weight per metre and depth of its section
B. depth of section and weight per metre
C. width of flange and weight per metre
D. weight per metre and flange width.

5.  Rolled steel beams are :
A. mainly used to resist bending stress
B. used as independent sections to resist compressive stress
C. used as independent sections to resist tensile stress
D. All the above.

6.  The channels get twisted symmetrically with regard to its axis
A. parallel to flanges
B. parallel to web
C. perpendicular to flanges
D. perpendicular to web.

7.  Rolled steel Tee-sections are used
A. as columns
B. with flat strips to connect plates in steel rectangular tanks
C. as built up sections to resist axial tension
D. none of these.

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