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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering }

36.  Pick up the incorrect definition from the following :
A. Ratio of the compressive strength of unconfined undisturbed soil to that of remoulded soil, is known as the sensitivity of the soil sample
B. The rotation of soil particles into stable state while remoulding, is known as the thiostropy of soil
C. The water content at which a soil changes from the liquid state to solid state, is known liquid limit of the soil
D. The water content at which a soil flows, is known plastic limit of the soil
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37. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. In soils, the flow index indicates variation in shear strength with water content
B. Liquid limit minus plastic limit, is known as plasticity index of the soil
C. Liquid limit minus shrinkage limit, is known as shrinkage index of the soil
D. All the above.
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38.  The liquid limit and plastic limit exist in
A. sandy soils
B. silty soils
C.gravel soils
D. clay soils.
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39.  You are given a sample of soil containing coarse grains to determine its water content, you will use
A. pycnometer
B. oven-drying method
C. calcium carbide method
D. alcohol method.
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40. The weight of a pycnometer containing 400 g sand and water full to the top is 2150 g. The weight of pycnometer full of clean water is 1950 g. If specific gravity of the soil is 2.5, the water content is
D. 20%.
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41.  The total weight of a pycnometer with water and oven dried soil 20 (g) is 1600 g. The pycnometer filled with water alone weighs 1500 g. The specific gravity of the soil, is
D. 2.5.
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42. Stoke's law sates that the velocity at which a grain settles out of suspension, the other factors remaining constant, is dependent upon
A. shape of grain
B. weight of grain
C. size of grain
D. shape, size and weight of grain.
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