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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering }

274.  if void ratio of a soil sample is 1.08, the porosity is
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275.  Pick up the correct statement from the following:
A. The flow occurs through a soil, if a potential difference exists in the pore water in the soil
B. The property of soil that deals with the water flows through a soil, is called permeability of the soil
C. The Dracy's law is valid only for laminar flow conditions
D. All the above.
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276.  The dissipated head per unit length of flow is called:
A. Hydraulic potential
B. Potential head
C. Hydraulic gradient
D. Potential.
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277.  Pick up the correct statement from the following:
A. The pressure exerted by water on the soil through which it percolates is called the seepage pressure
B. The seepage pressure always acts in the direction of flow
C. The effective pressure gets increased if the flow in the soil occurs in the downward direction
D. All the above.
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278. Which one of the following statements is wrong?
A. The seepage pressure reduces the effective vertical pressure if the flow is upward
B. When seepage pressure and the pressure due to sub merged weight of soil are equal, the cohessionless soil looses all its shear strength
C. The phenomenon of lifting of soil particles is generally called the quick conditions or boiling condition or quick sand
D. None of these.
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279. The sand below a masonry structure has a porosity of 39 percent and a specific gravity of 2.64. Assuming a factor of safety as 4, the maximum permissible upward gradient is
D. 0.33.
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280. Pick up the correct statement from the following-
A. The path followed by a particle of water during the course of its seepage through a saturated soil mass, is called a flow line
B. The strip between the two neighbouring flow lines, is called a flow channel
C. The line which connects the points of equal head is called an equipotential line
D. All the above.
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