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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering }

218.  The Westergaard analysis is used for
A. sandy soils
B. cohesive soils
C.stratified soils
D. clayey soils.
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219.  The equation T = C + a tan (1) is given by
A. Rankine
B. Coulomb
C. Culaman
D. Mohr.
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220.  The effective size of particles of soil is denoted by
A. D10
B. D20
C. D30
D. D60.
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221.  A decrease in water content results in a reduction of the volume of a soil in
A. liquid state
B. plastic state
C. semi solid state
D. all of these.
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222.  The plasticity of fine soils may be assessed by means of
A. dry strength test
B. toughness test
C. dilatancy test
D. all of these.
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223.  A partially saturated soil is classified as
A. one phase soil
B. two phase soil
C. three phase soil
D. four phase soil.
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224.  If the bulk density of the soil is p and water content co, then dry density of the soil, is
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