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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering }

162.  The minimum centre to centre distance of friction piles of 1 m diameter, is
A. 2 m
B. 2 m to 3 m
C. 3 m to 4 m
D. 5 m.
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163.  Negative skin friction on piles
A. is caused due to relative settlement of the soil
B. is caused in soft clays
C. decreases the pile capacity
D. all of the above.
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164.  Under-reamed piles are generally
A. driven piles
B. board piles
C. precast piles
D. all the above.
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165.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. When water table is above the base of a footing, the dry weight (1) should be used for soil below water table
B. When water table is located somewhat below the base of a footing, the elastic wedge is partly of moist soil and partly of submerged soil, and a suitable reduction factor is used
C. When water table is just at the base of the footing, no reduction factor is used
D. None of these.
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166.  The maximum load carried by a pile, when it continues to sink without further increase of load, is known as
A. ultimate load carrying capacity
B. ultimate bearing capacity
C. ultimate bearing resistant
D. all the above.
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167.  A pile is being driven with a drop hammer weighing 1800 kg and having a free fall of 1.00 m. If the penetration with last blow is 5 mm, the load carrying capacity of the pile, according to the Engineering News formula, is
A. 100 tonnes
B. 50 tonnes
C. 20 tonnes
D. 10 tonnes.
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168.  For determining the ultimate bearing capacity of soil, the recommended size of a square bearing plate to be used in load plate test should be 30 to 75 cm square with a minimum thickness of
A. 5 mm
B. 10 mm
C. 15 mm
D. 25 mm.
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