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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering }

155.  Terzaghi's analysis assumes :
A. soil is homogeneous and isotropic
B. elastic zone has straight boundaries inclined at NI = q to the horizontal and plastic zones fully developed
C. failure zones do not extend above the horizontal plane through the base of the footing
D. all the above.
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156.  The Terzaghi's general bearing capacity equation for a continuous footing is given by where N, Nb and Ny are bearing capacity factors.
A. qf = cNc + yDNq + 0.5yBNy
B. qf = cNc ? yDNq + 0.5yBNy
C. qf = cNc ? yDN + 0.5yBNy
D. qf = cNc + yDN + 0.5yBNy
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157.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. If the ratio of depth to width is less than 2, it is shallow foundation
B. If the ratio of depth to width is more than 2, it is deep foundation
C. If the ratio of the length to width is between 1 and 2, it is spread foundation
D. All the above.
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158.  The ultimate bearing capacity of a soil, is
A. total load on the bearing area
B. safe load on the bearing area
C. load at which soil fails
D. load at which soil consolidates.
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159.  The minimum depth of building foundations on
A. sandy soils is 80 cm to 100 cm
B. clay soils is 90 cm to 160 cm
C. rocky soils is 5 cm to 50 cm
D. all the above.
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160.  If L and B are the length and breadth of a footing, e the eccentricity along the length and P and Q are the axial force and bearing capacity of the soil, then, to avoid tension,
A. is provided for heavily loaded isolated columns
B. is treated as spread foundation
C. consists of two sets of perpendicularly placed steel beams
D. all the above.
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161.  Pile foundations are generally preferred to for
A. bridge foundations
B. sky scrapper buildings
C. residential buildings
D. runways.
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