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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering }

127.  According to Coulomb's wedge theory, the active earth pressure slides the wedge
A. down and outwards on a slip surface
B. up and inwards on a slip surface
C. horizontal upward and parallel to base
D. horizontal inward and parallel to base.
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128.  Coulomb's wedge theory assumes that
A. back fill is dry, cohesionless, homogeneous and isotropic
B. slip surface is the plane which passes through the heel of the wall
C. sliding wedge itself acts as a rigid body and the value of earth pressure is obtained by considering the limiting equilibrium of the wedge
D. all the above.
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129.  A plane inclined at an angle to the horizontal at which the soil is expected to stay in the absence of any lateral support, is known as
A. natural slope line
B. repose line
C. the (1) line
D. all the above.
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130.  The slip at critical angle, is generally known
A. 8 1-line
B. rupture plane
C. slip plane
D. all the above.
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131.  Failure of the stability of slopes, generally occurs along
A. slip plane
B. a horizontal surface
C. a curved surface
D. all the surfaces.
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132.  Factor of safety against sliding of a slope, is the ratio of
A. actual cohesion to that required to maintain stability of slope
B. shear strength to shear stress along the surface
C. neither A nor (b)
D. both (a) and (b).
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133. F or slopes of limited extent the surface of slippage, is usually along
A. a parabolic arc
B. an elliptical arc
C. a straight line
D. a circular arc.
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