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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering }

106. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. An unconfined compression test is a special case of triaxial compression test
B. An unconfined compression test is a special case of direct shear test
C. The confining pressure is maximum during an unconfined compression test
D. The cylindrical specimen of a soil is subjected to major principal stress till it fails due to shearing along the plane of the failure.

107. For testing a saturated clay for shear strength, the test recommended, is
A. direct shear test
B. triaxial compression test
C. unconfined compression test
D. all the above.

108. On wetting, cohesive soils,
A. loose permeability
B. gain shear strength
C. loose elasticity
D. decrease their shear strength.

109.  Cohesive soils are generally
A. plastic and also compressible
B. elastic and also compressible
C. plastic but incompressible
D. none of these.

110. The angle of internal friction of clays, is usually
A. 0? to 5?
B. 5? to 20?
C. 20? to 30?
D. 30? to 45?.

111.  The angle of internal friction is maxi-mum for
A. angular-grained loose sand
B. angular-grained dense sand
C. round-grained dense sand
D. round-grained loose sand

112. The angle of internal friction, is least for
A. angular-grained loose sand
B. angular grained dense sand
C. round-grained loose sand
D. clays.

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