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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering }

85.  For a homogeneous earth dam 50 m high having 2 m free broad, a flow net was constructed and the results were : Number of potential drops = 2.4 Number of flow channels =- 0.4. If coefficiency of permeability of the dam mateiral is 3 x 10-3 cm3/sec, the discharge per metre length of dam, is
A. 12 x 10- -5 m3/sec
B. 24 x 10-3 m3/sec
C. 6 x 10-5 m3/sec
D. 24 x 10-5 m3/sec.
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86. The shear resistance of a soil is contituted basically of the following component.
A. The frictional resistance to translocation between the individual soil particles at their contact point
B. To the structural relation to displacement of the soil because of the interlocking of the particles
C. Cohesion and adhesion between the surfaces of the soil particles
D. All the above.
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87.  The shear strength in plastic undrained clay, is due to
A. inter-granular friction
B. internal friction
C. cohesion
D. none of these.
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88. Through a point in a loaded soil mass, there exists n typical planes mutually orthogonal on which the stress is wholly normal and no shear stress acts, if n is
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89.  Through a point in a loaded soil, the principal stress is maximum on
A. minor principal plane
B. intermediate principal plane
C. major principal plane
D. none of these.
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90. The maximum shear stress occurs on the filament which makes an angle with the horizontal plane equal to
A. 30?
B. 45?
C. 60?
D. 90?.
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91.  The Mohr's straight theory is based on the following fact :
A. Material fails essentinlly by shear
B. Ultimate strength of the material is determined by the stress in the plane of slip
C. Failure criterion is independent of the intermediate principal stress
D. All the above.
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