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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering }

64. The soil moisture driven off by heat, is called
A. free water
B. hydroscopic water
C. gravity water
D. none of these.
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65.  if a soil undergoes a change in shape and volume by application of external loads over it, but recovers its shape and volume immediately after removal of the load, the property of the soil is said to be
A. Resilience of soils
B. Elasticity of soils
C. Compressibility of soils
D. None of these.
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66. The property of a soil which permits water to percolate through it, is called
A. moisture content
B. permeability
C. capillarity
D. none of these.
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67. The capillary rise of water
A. depends upon the force responsible
B.increases as the size of the soil particles increases
C. decreases as the size of the soil particles decreases
D. is less in wet soil than in dry soil.
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68.  The internal molecular attraction,of a soil, the cohesion
A. decreases as the moisture content increases
B. increases as the moisture content decreases
C. is more in well compacted clays
D. depends upon the external applied load.
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69. The bearing capacity of a soil depends upon
A. size of the particles
B.shape of the particles
C. cohesive properties of particles
D. all the above.
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70. When the seepage pressure becomes equal to the pressure due to submerged weight of a soil, the effective pressure is reduced to zero and the soil particles have a tendency to move up in the direction of flow. This phenomenon is generally known
A. quick condition
B. boiling condition
C. quick sand
D. all the above.
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