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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { SI Units }

22.  SI unit for the surface tension, is
A. kg/m3
B. kg/m2
C. kg/m
D. N/m.

23. intensity of pressure at a certain place is 1 kg (f)/m2, the intensity of pressure in SI units will be
A. 47.88 N/m2
B. 9.81 N/m2
C. 4.882 N/m2
D. 0.07013 N/m2.

24.  In SI system, the unit of temperature, is
A. Degree centigrade
B. Degree Celsius
C. Kelvin
D. Degree Fahrenheit.

25. To convert the units of M.K.S. to units of S.I., a factor 9.80665 is used for
A. mass
B. force
C. work energy
D. all the above.

26.  m2/s is used in S.I. system for
A. Surface tension
B. Kinematic viscosity
C. Pressure
D. Power.

27. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. In SI. system, pressure is expressed in N/m2
B. In S.I. system, surface tension is expressed in Newton per metre
C. In S.I. system, force is expressed in Newtons
D. All the above.

28. In S.I. system, the symbol for density is
A. N/m3
B. kg/m3
C. m3/s
D. kg.

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