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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { SI Units }

1.  The fundamental units in S.I. System are :
A. Centimetre, gram, second
B. Foot, pound, second
C. Metre, kilogram, second
D. Kilometre, kilogram, minute

2.  The fundamental units in S.I. system, are the same as that of
A. C.O.S. units
B. F.P.S. units
C. M.K.S. units
D. None of these.

3.  The basic quantity in the International system of units, is
A. length and mass
B. time and temperature
C. mole and light intensity
D. all the above.

4. The bar used for defining the standard metre at the International office of weights and measures at Sevres near Paris, is composed of
A. 50% platinum and 50% iridium
B. 60% platinum and 40% iridium
C. 70% platinum and 30% iridium
D. 90% platinum and 10% iridium.

5.  The thickness of a micron, is
A. le m
B. le.
C. le m
D. 10-12 m.

6. The SI unit of the force is
A. Newton
B. Kilogrames
C. Joule
D. Erg.

7.  The unit kg/m3 is used for
A. force
B. density
C. volume
D. pressure.

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