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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

50. The sleepers which satisfy the requirements of an ideal sleeper, are
A. cast iron sleepers
B. R.C.C. sleepers
C. steel sleepers
D. wooden sleepers.

51. The life of a wooden sleeper depends upon
A. quality of its timber
B. ability to resist decay
C. resistance to weathering
D. all the above.

52.  Best wood for wooden sleepers is
A. chir
B. deodar
C. sal
D. teak

53. Wooden sleepers used on the girders of bridges, are generally made of
A. sal
B. chir
C. teak
D. deodar.

54.  Burnettising is done for the preservation of
A. wooden sleepers
B. rails
C. ballast
D. none of these.

55.  If n is length of a rail in metres, the number of sleepers per rail length generally varies from
A. n to (n + 2)
B. (n + 2) to (n + 4)
C. (n + 3) to (n + 6)
D. (n + 4) to (n + 5).

56.  Minimum packing space provided bet-ween two sleepers, is between
A. 20 to 25 cm
B. 25 to 30 cm
C. 30 to 35 cm
D. 35 to 40 cm.

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