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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

36. Maximum wheel base distance provided on Indian B.G. tracks, is
A. 4.096 m
B. 5.096 m
C. 6.096 m
D. 7.096 m

37.  Widening of gauge is provided if degree of the curve, is
A. 3? or less
B. 3? to 4 1?
C. more than 4
D. none of these.

38.  Check rails are provided on inner side of inner rails if sharpness of a B.G. curve, is more than
A. 3?
B. 5?
C. 6?
D. 8?.

39. Distance between the inner rail and check rail provided on sharp curve, is
A. 40 mm
B. 42 mm
C. 44 ram
D. 46 mm

40. On Indian Railways, the approximate weight of a rail section is determined from the formula weight of the rail
A.axial load of locomotive 10
B.weight of the rail
C.axial load of locomotive
D. (c)weight of the rail

41. The rail section which is not used on Indian Broad Gauge tracks, is
A. 35 R
B. 40 R
C. 45 R
D. 55 R .

42. he rail section which is not used on Indian metr gauge tracks, is
A. 25 R
B. 30 R
C. 35 R
D. 40 R.

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