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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

29.  Rail tops of a track are placed
A. horizontal
B. at an inward slope of 1 in 20
C. at an outward slope of 1 in 20
D. at an outward slope of 1 in 30
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30.  Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. Required tilt of 1 in 20 is provided
A. to the tops of rails
B. at rail seats in bearing plates
C. at rail seats in chairs
D. at rail seats in metal sleepers.
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31.  For providing the required tilt of rails, adazing of wooden sleepers, is done for
A. bull headed rails
B. double headed rails
C. flat footed rails
D. any type of rails
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32.  On a single line track, 10 goods trains loaded with iron ore run from A to B and empty wagons return from B to A daily. Amount of creep of the rails will be
A. zero
B. more in the direction A to B
C. more in the direction B to A
D. none of these.
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33. Anti-creep anchors are fixed to rails by
A. wedging
B. spring grip
C. clamping
D. all the above.
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34. If L is length of a rail and il is the radius of a curve, the versine h for the curve, is
A. a = --4R
C. h =8R
D. a= 16R
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35.  Rails are bent to correct curvature if the degree of curve, is more than
B. 2?
D. 4?
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