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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

22. A welded rail joint is generally
A. supported on a sleeper
B. supported on a metal plate
C. suspended
D. none of these.

23.  Continuity of electric current across welded rail joints, is maintained by
A. welding ends of a wire to each rail
B. placing an insulated plate underneath the rails
C. placing insulation in expansion gaps
D. none of these.

24. The tread of wheels is provided an outward slope of
A. 1 in 10
B. 1 in 15
C. 1 in 20
D. 1 in 25

25.  Wheels of a rolling stock are provided flanges on
A. outer side
B. inner side
C. both sides
D. neither side.

26. Distance between inner faces of the flanges, is kept
A. equal to the gauge distance
B. slightly less than-the gauge distance
C. slightly more than the gauge distance
D. none of these.

27.  Coning of wheels is provided
A. to check lateral movement of wheels
B. to avoid damage to inner faces of rails
C. to avoid discomfort to passengers
D. All the above.

28.  Coning of wheels ,
A. prevent lateral movement of wheels
B. provide smooth running of trains
C. avoid excessive wear of inner faces of rail
D. all the above.

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