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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

183. The following are the component parts of a permanent way : 1. Rails 2 Ballast 3. Sleepers4. Sub-grade The correct sequence from the top to bottom is
A. 1,2,3,4
C. 1,3,2,4
D. 4,1,3,2
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184.  Pick upthe correct statement regarding the function of rails in a railway track from the following :
A. To provide a continuous and level surface
B. To provide strength, durability and lateral guidance tothe track
C. To trnasmit the axle load to the sleepers
D. All the above.
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185. Which one of the following rails is called Vignole rail?
A. flat footed
B. double headed
C. bull headed
D. none of these.
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186.  Pick up the corret statement from the following:
A. The weighted average of speeds of various trains is called the equilibrium speed of trains
B. The superelevation provided on the basis of equilibrium speed is called quilibrium cant
C. The projections of metal beyond the original section ofthe rail on the gauge side are called burrs.
D. Fill the above.
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187.  The treads of wheels of railway vehicles are provided
A. a 1 in 20 slope outward
B. a 1 in 20 slope inward
C. a 1 in 30 slope inward
D. a 1 in 30 slope outward
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188.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Grade compensation on B.G. track is 0.04% per degree
B. Indian Railways accepts degree of curve as 1750 where R is the radius of the curve
C. The maximum degree of curves on B.G., is 100
D. All the above.
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189. In a facing direction,the railway locomotive moves over the following points. 1. Throat,2. Heel of crossing,3. Toe of crossing,4. Actual nose of crossing.,5. Wing rails,6. Point rails The correct sequence is :
B. 2,3,5,6,4,1
C. 3,5,1,4,6,2
D. 5,1,3,6,2,4
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