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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

120.  The angle between the gauge faces of the stock rail and tongue rail, is called
A. switch angle
B. angle of crossing
C.angle of turnout
D. none of these.
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121. If Li and L2 are actual and theoretical lengths of a tongue rail, d is heel divergence and t is thickness of tongue rail at toe, the switch angle a is
A. sin-1 d - t
B. tan-1 d t
C. sin-1 d ? t
D. tan-1 d t
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122.  If a is switch angle and R is radius of the turnout, the length of the tongue rail, is
A. sin a
B. R tan a
C.R sin a/2
D. R tan a12
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123.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Length of tongue rail should be greater than rigid wheel base of vehicle
B. Stock rail should be longer than tongue rail
C. Lehgth of stock rail ahead of the toe should be a minimum of 1.65 m
D. All the above.
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124. To achieve best performance, the type of switch preferred to, is
A. undercut switch
B. straight-cut switch
C. overriding switch
D. both (a) and (b)
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125. On Indian Railways, number of a crossing is defined as
A. sine of angle of crossing
B. consine of angle of crossing
C. tangent of angle of crossing
D. contangent of angle of crossing
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126.  In a diamond crossing, number of noses are
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