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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

113.  If a 0.7% upgrade meets a 0.65% downgrade at a summit and the permissible rate of change of grade per chain length is 0.10%, the length of the vertical curve, is
A. 10 chains
B. 12 chains
C. 14 chains
D. 16 chains.

114.  Minimum length of a transition curve required for
A. 2? curves for a maximum permissible speed of 135 km/hr, is 220 metres
B. 4? curves for a maximum permissible speed of 95 km/hr, is 220 metres
C. 6? curves for a maximum permissible speed of 80 km/hr, is 220 metres
D. All the above.

115. Arrangement made to divert the trains from one track to another, is known as
A. railway point
B. railway crossing
C. turnout
D. railway junction

116. Type of switch rails generally adopted for modern track, is
A. straight switch
B. curved switch
C. loose heel switch
D. bent switch

117.  Stock rails are
A. parts of crossing
B. fitted against check rails
C. fitted against tongue rails
D. laid between heel of switch and nose of crossing.

118. Wing rails are provided
A. near tongue rails
B. near check rails
C. near stock rails
D. in crossing.

119. Heel divergency, the distance bet-ween the running faces of stock rail and gauge face of tongue rail, as recommended for Indian B.G. tracks, is
A. 100 mm
B. 119 mm
C. 125 mm
D. 135 mm.

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