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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

106.  Bearing plates are used to fix
A. flat footed rails to the wooden sleepers
B. double headed rails to the wooden sleepers
C. bull headed rails to the wooden sleepers
D. flat footed rails to the cast iron sleepers

107.  The gradient on which an additonal engine is required to negotiate the gradient, is called
A. momentum gradient
B. pusher gradient
C. ruling gradient
D. steep gradient.

108.  Minimum gradient in station yards is generally limited to
A. 1 in 1000
B. 1 in 750
C. 1 in 500
D. zero.

109.  The grade compensation on B.G. tracks on Railways, is

110. Degree of a railway curve is defined as number of degrees subtended at the centre of a curve by an arc of
A. 10 m
B. 15 m
C. 20 m
D. 30.5 m

111. Safe speed (V) on a curve of radius 970 metres provided with two transition curves on Board Gauge track, is
A. 112 km/hour
B. 122 km/hour
C. 132 km/hour
D. 142 km/hour.

112.  Maximum cant deficiency prescribed on Indian Board Gauge Railways, is
A. 40 mm
B. 50 mm
C. 75 mm
D. 100 mm

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