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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

92. To prevent percolation of water into, formation, moorum is used as a blanket for
A. black cotton soil
B. .sandy soil
C. clayey soil
D. all the above.

93. Coal ash (or cinder) is used in initial stages of a new construction of railway for
A. wooden sleepers
B. steel sleepers
C. cast iron sleepers
D. none of these.

94. Best ballast contains stones varying in size from
A. 1.5 cm to 3 cm
B. 2.0 cm to 4 cm
C. 2.0 cm to 5 cm
D. 2.5 cm to 6 cm.

95. Minimum depth of ballast prescribed of B.G. trunk lines of Indian Railways, is
A. 20 cm
B. 15 cm
C. 25 cm
D. 30 cm

96. For even distribution of load through ballast, load dispersal is assumed as
A. 30? to the vertical
B. 45? to the vertical
C. 60? to the vertical
D. none of these.

97. If sleeper density is M + 7 for 13 m rails, the minimum depth of ballast under wooden sleepers (25 cm x 13 cm), is
A. 15 cm
B. 20 cm
C. 25 cm
D. 30 cm

98. An extra 7.5 cm ballast width is not provided on outer side on a curve, if its degree is
A. 6?
B. 5?
C. 4?
D. 3?

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