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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

78.  The effective bearing area of all types of sleepers, is
A. 0.40 m2
B. 0.42 m2
C. 0.44 m2
D. 0.46 m2
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79. Monnier, the inventor of R.C.C., suggested the introduction of reinforced cement concert sleepers for the railways in
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80. The main advantage of a cement concrete sleeper, is :
A. its heavy weight which improves the track modulus
B. its capacity to maintain gauge
C. its suitability for track circuiting
D. all the above.
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81. A mono-block sleeper has
A. square section
B. rectangular section
C. trapezoidal section
D. semi-circular section
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82.  On either side of the centre line of rails, a cant of 1 in 20 in the sleeper is provided for a distance of
A. 150 mm
B. 165 mm
C. 175 mm
D. 185 mm.
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83.  Each block of a two-block concrete sleeper is
A. 722 mm x 295 mm x 271 mm and 215 kg in weight
B. 250 mm x 154 mm x 196 mm and 260 kg in weight
C. 525 mm x 350 mm x 275 mm and 280 kg in weight
D. none of these.
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84. Ballast packed below and around the sleepers to transfer the load from sleepers to formation, generally consists of
A. broken stones
B. gravels
C. moorum
D. all the above.
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