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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

71.  Pot sleepers are in the form of
A. a number of bowls connected together with a tie bar
B. two bowls placed under each rail and connected together with a tie bar
C. two bowls placed under two rails and the one between the rails
D. none of these.

72.  Total effective bearing area of both the bowls of a pot sleeper, is
A. slightly more than that of a wooden sleeper
B. slightly less than that of a wooden sleeper
C. equal to that of a wooden sleeper
D. none of these.

73.  For inspection and packing of ballast, each pot sleeper is provided with
A. one hole
B. two holes
C. three holes
D. four holes.

74.  By interchanging gibs and cotters of a pot sleeper, gauge may be slackened by
A. 1.2 mm
B. 2.2 mm
C. 3.2 mm
D. 4.2 mm

75.  Dimensions of a plate girder, are
A. 851 mm x 851 mm
B. 255 mm 254 mm
C. 851 mm x 254 mm
D. 551 mm x 254 mm.

76. Pot sleepers are used if degree of the curve does not exceed
A. 4?
B. 5?
C. 6?
D. 7?

77. A CST-9 sleeper consists of
A. two inverted triangular pots on either side of rail seat
B. a central plate with a projected key and box on the top of plate
C. a tie bar and 4 cotters to connect two cast iron plates
D. all the above.

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