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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Railways }

1. The first Indian railway was laid in
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2. For an effective administration,-Indian railway system t has been divided into
A. four railway zones
B. six railway zones
C. seven railway zones
D. nine railway zones.
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3. Gauge of a permanent way, is
A. minimum distance between running faces of rails
B. minimum distance between outer faces of rails
C. distance between centres of rails
D. width of formation
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4. Mr. W. Simms, the consulting Engineer to the Government of India recommended the gauge for Indian railways
A. 1.435 m as adopted in England
B. 1.800 m as per Indian conditions
C. 1.676 m as a compromise gauge
D. 1.000 m as a standard gauge.
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5.  In India, metre gauge permanent way was adopted in
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6.  Rail section first designed on Indian railways, was
A. double headed
B. bull headed
C. flat footed
D. (a) & (b)simultaneously.
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7. Width of the top portion of a flat footed, rail, is
A. 69.85 mm
B. 63.50 mm
C. 66.77 mm
D. 136.52 mm
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