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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { R.C.C. Structure Design }

50. The spacing of transverse reinforcement of column is decided by the following consideration.
A. The least lateral dimension of the column
B. Sixteen times the diameter of the smallest longitudinal reinforcing rods in the column
C. Forty-eight times the diameter of transverse reinforcement
D. All the above.
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51. According to load factor method, the permissible load W on a short column reinforced with longitudinal bars and lateral stirrups, is
A. Stress in concrete x area of concrete
B. Stress in steel x area of steel
C. Stress in concrete x area of concrete + Stress in steel x area of steel
D. None of these.
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52.  The length of the lap in a compression member is kept greater than bar diameter xor Five times the bond stress Permissible stress in bar
A. 12 bar diameters
B. 18 bar diameters
C. 24 bar diameters.
D. 30 bar diameters
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53. A short column 20 cm x 20 cm in section is reinforced with 4 bars whose area of cross section is 20 sq. cm. If permissible compressive stresses in concrete and steel are 40kg/cm2 and 300 kg/cm2, the safe load on the column, should not exceed
A. 4120 kg
B. 41,200 kg
C. 412,000 kg
D. none of these.
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54. A column is regarded as long column if the ratio of its effective length and lateral dimension, exceeds
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55. If the size of a column is reduced above the floor, the main bars of the columns, are
A. continued up
B. bent inward at the floor level
C. stopped just below the floor level and separate lap bars provided
D. all the above.
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56.  The pitch of the main bars in a simply supported slab, should not exceed its effective depth by
A. three times
B. four times
C. five times
D. six times
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