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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { R.C.C. Structure Design }

267.  If fd, = the characteristic compressive strength of concrete and axis the area of gross section of the member, the compression member is not checked if the member is subjected to a design axial load greater than
A. Fck Ac
B. 0 .1 Fck Ac
C. 0.2 Fck Ac
D. 0.5 Fek Ac
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268.  Pick up the correct statement from the following
A. concrete is strong in compression
B. concrete is very weak intension
C. the modules of rupture of concrete is only a fraction of the compression strength
D. all of these
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269.  For a singly reinfOrced beam of dimension b X d and reinforced with tensile steel equal to at, pick up the stress diagram. When the beam is loaded beyond the modulus of rupture of concrete
A. stress diagram is
B. stress diagram is
C. stress diagram is
D. none of these
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270.  Pick up the correct statement from the following. When a singly reinforced concrete beam loaded with gradually increasing load, and concrete develop cracks:
A. the cracks move upwards close to the neutral plane
B. the neutral plane gradually shifts with further cracking
C. the full tension is taken by steel
D. all of these
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271.  When strains in compression zone of the concrete of a loaded singly reinforced beam, cause crushing of concrete, the failure is known as
A. primary compression failure
B. secondary compression failure
C. primary tensile failure
D. secondary tensile failure
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272. The capacity of a beam is determined by the load which causes:
A. cracks in tensile zone
B. crushing of concrete in compression zone
C. yielding of steel
D. the shift of neutral axis
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273.  At the moment of the capacity of the beam:
A. the failure is gradual
B. the failure is preceded by the condensing of cracks
C. there is significant increase in deflection
D. all of the above
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