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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { R.C.C. Structure Design }

246. The depth of neutral axis of a singly reinforced beam from the extreme compression fibre is:
A. 0.133 ack bd2
B. 0.135 cot bd2
C. 0.149 ad, bd2
D. 0.138 ack bd2
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247. The depth of neutral axis of a section 200 mm x 300 mm reinforced and 3 bars each of 20 mm diameter in tension and having characteristic strength of concrete and steel 15 Nimm2 and 250 Nimm2 respectively, is
A. 159 mm
B. 169 mm
C. 179 mm
D. 190 mm
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248.  The limiting moment of resistance for a singly reinforced beam using Fe 250 steel and general grade concrete, is
A. 2.417 ay At
B. 2.417 ack At
C. 2.417 ayb
D. 2.417ck cry At
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249.  The most economical design of singly reinforced beams is given by:
A. Limit state theory
B. Working stress theory
C. Ultimate stress theory
D. All of these
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250.  The aspect ratio is defined as the ratio of
A. length to breadth of a state
B. effective width of flange and effective depth of the beam
C. width of well and depth of flange
D. none of these
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251. The dowel force is the shear force
A. across the steel bars
B. across the neutral axis
C. at the top of the beam
D. at the bottom of the beam
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252. To ensure that under the applied moment the concrete and steel in singly reinforced beam reach their stresses, the minimum area of steel where bd is the effective compression area and CSy is the characteristic
A. 0.42 bd
B. 0.36 ?bd
C. 0.85 ?bd
D. 0.87 bd
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