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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { RCC Structure Design }

15. According to I.S. : 456 specifications, the safe diagonal tensile stress fbr M 150 grade concrete, is
A. 5 kg/cm2
B. 10 kg/cm2
C. 15 kg/cm2
D. 20 kg/cm2

16. Spacing of stirrups in a rectangular beam, is
A. kept constant throughout the length
B. decreased towards the centre of the beam
C. increased at the ends
D. increased at the centre of the beam.

17. Dimensions of a beam need be changed if the shear stress is more than
A. 10 kg/cm2
B. 15 kg/cm2
C. 20 kg/cm2
D. 25 kg/cm2.

18. The maximum shear stress (q) in concrete of a reinforced cement concrete beam is
A. Lever arm x Width Shear force x Width
B.Lever arm Shear force Width
C. Lever arm x Spear force,Lever arm
D. Shear force x Width

19.  If the average bending stress is 6 kg/cm2 for M 150 grade concrete, the length of embedment of a bar of diameter d according to I.S. 456 specifications, is
A. 28 d
B. 38 d
C. 48 d
D. 58 d

20.  ln a beam the local bond stress Sb is equal to Shear force
A. Lever arm x Total perimeter of reinforcement
B. Total perimeter of reinforcement Lever arm x Shear force Lever arm
C. Shear force x Total perimeter of reinforcement
D. Lever arm Bending moment x Total perimeter

21.  For M 150 mix concrete, according to I.S. specifications, local bond stress, is
A. 5 kg/cm2
B. 10 kg/cm2
C. 15 kg/cm2
D. 20 kg/cm2

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