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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { R.C.C. Structure Design }

197.  Design of R.C.C. simply supported beams carrying U.D.L. is based on the resultant B.M. at
A. supports
B. mid span
C. every section
D. quarter span.
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198.  Design of R.C.C. cantilever beams, is based on the resultant force at
A. fixed end
B. free end
C. mid span
D. mid span and fixed support.
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199. Steel beam theory is used for
A. design of simple steel beams
B. steel beams encased in concrete
C. doubly reinforced beams ignoring compressive stress in concrete
D. beams if shear exceeds 4 times allowable shear stress.
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200.  An R.C.C. lintel is spanning an opening of 2 m span in a brick wall. The height of the roof is 2.9 m above the floor level and that of the opening is 2.1 m above the floor level. The lintel is to be designed for self weight plus
A. triangular load of the wall
B. UDL of wall
C. UDL of wall + load from the roof
D. triangular load + load from the roof.
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201. The minimum clear cover for R.C.C. columns shall be
A. greater of 40 mm or diameter
B. smaller of 40 mm or diameter
C. greater of 25 mm or diameter
D. smaller of 25 mm or diameter.
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202. The steel generally used in R.C.C. work, is
A. stainless
B. mildsteel
C. high carbon steel
D. high tension steel.
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203.  The diameter of main bars in R.C.C. columns, shall not be less than
A. 6 mm
B. 8 mm
C. 10 mm
D. 12 mm.
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