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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { R.C.C. Structure Design }

190.  A reinforced concrete cantilever beam is 3.6 m long, 25 cm wide and has its lever arm 40 cm. It carries a load of 1200 kg at it free end and vertical stirrups can carry 1800 kg. Assuming concrete to carry one-third of the diagonal tension and ignoring the weight of the beam, the number of shear stirrups required, is
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191. The live load to be considered for an inaccessible roof, is
A. Nil
B. 75 kg/m2
C. 150 kg/cm2
D. 200 kg/m2.
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192.  The live load to be considered for an accessible roof, is
A. Nil
B. 75 kg/m3
C. 150 kg/m2
D. 200 kg/cm2.
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193. A simply supported beam .6 m long and of effective depth 50 cm, carries a uniformly distributed load 2400 kg/m including its self weight. If the lever arm factor is 0.85 and permissible tensile stress of steel is 1400 kg/cm2, the area of steel required, is
A. 14 cm2
B.15 cm2
C. 16 cm2
D. 17 cm2
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194.  An R.C.C. roof slab is designed as a two way slab if
A. it supports live loads in both directions
B. the ratio of spans in two directions is less than 2
C. the slab is continuous over two supports
D. the slab is discontinuous at edges.
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195.  The allowable tensile stress in mild steel stirrups, reinforced cement concrete, is
A. 1400 kg/cm2
B. 190 kg/cm2
C. 260 kg/cm2
D. 230 kg/cm2.
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196.  The minimum number of main steel bars provided in R.C.C.
A. rectangular columns is 4
B. circular columns is 6
C. octagonal columns is 8
D. all the above.
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