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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { RCC Structure Design }

8.  As the percentage of steel increases
A. depth of neutral axis decreases
B. depth of neutral axis increases
C. lever arm increases
D. lever arm decreases

9.  By over-reinforcing a beam, the moment of resistance can be increased not more than
D. 25%.

10.  If the depth of actual neutral axis of a doubly reinforced beam
A. is .greater than the depth of critical neutral axis, the concrete attains its maximum stress earlier
B. is less than the depth of critical neutral axis, the steel in the tensile zone attains its maximum stress earlier
C. is equal to the depth of critical neutral axis, the concrete and steel attain their maximum stresses simultanesouly
D. all the above.

11.  According to the steel beam theory of doubly reinforced beams
A. tension is resisted by tension steel
B. compression is resisted by compression steel
C. stress in tension steel equals the stress in compression steel
D. all the above.

12.  Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. The intensity of horizontal shear stress at the elemental part of a beam section, is directly proportional to
A. shear force
B. area of the section
C. distance of the C.G. of the area from its neutral axis
D. moment of the beam section about its neutral axis

13. The maximum shear stress (qmar) in a rectangular beam is
A. 1.25 times the average
B. 1.50 times the average
C. 11.75 times the average
D. 2.0 times the average

14.  Distribution of shear intensity over a rectangular section of a beam, follows :
A. a circular curve
B. a straight line
C. a parabolic curve
D. an elliptical curve

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