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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { PERT and CPM }

57. In a project logic, four activities M, N, 0 and P are to be completed before starting activity Q. If the finish times of M, N, 0 and P are 12-00 hr, 14-00 hr, 15-00 hr. and 17-00 hr. respectively, the earliest event occurrence time for the activity
A. 1200 hr.
B. 1400 hr.
C. 1500 hr.
D. 1700 hr.
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58. If the total float and duration of an activity are 5 and 10 days respectively, the particular activity can be
A. started 5 days later
B. completed 5 days later
C. performed at slower rate in 15 days
D. all the above.
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59.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The float may be positive, zero or negative
B. If the float is positive and the activity is delayed by a period equal to its total float, the completion of project is not delayed
C. If the float of an activity is negative, delay in its performance is bound to delay the completion of project
D. All the above.
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60. Critical path lies along the activities having total float
A. positive
B. negative
C. zero
D. same.
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61. Critical Path Net Work helps an engineer
A. to concentrate his attention on critical activities
B. to divert the resources from non-critical advanced activities to critical activities
C. to be cautious for avoiding any delay in the critical activities to avoid delay of the whole project
D. all the above.
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62. The time which results in the least possible construction cost of an activity, is known
A. normal time
B. slow time
C. crash time
D. standard time.
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63. The technique for establishing and maintaining priorities among the various jobs of a project, is known
A. Event flow scheduling technique
B. Critical ratio scheduling
C. Slotting technique for scheduling
D. Short interval scheduling.
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