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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { PERT and CPM }

50. The critical activity has
A. maximum float
B. minimum float
C. zero float
D. none of these.
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51. The time by which activity completion time can be delayed without affecting the start of succeeding activities, is known as
A. duration
B. total flat
C. free float
D. interfering float.
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52. For completion of a project, the critical path of the network represents
A. minimum time
B. maximum time
C. maximum cost
D. minimum cost.
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53. Which one of the following represents an activity
A. excavation for foundation
B. curing of concrete
C. setting of question paper
D. all the above.
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54. Which one of the following represents an event ?
A. concrete cured
B. fixing of door
C. plastering of walls
D. selecting sites
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55. Pick up the correct network for the activities of pouring concrete, erection of form work, removal of form work and curing of concrete from the following :
A. 1. Pouring of Concrete,2. Erection of form work,3. Curing of concrete,4. Removal of form work
B. 1. Erection of form work ,2. Pouring of concrete3. Curing of concrete,4. Removal of form work
C. 1. Removal of form work 2. Erection of form work3. Pouring of concrete,4. Curing of concrete
D. 1. Pouring of concrete2. Curing of concrete 3. Erection of form work 4. Removal of form work.
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56.  In a certain project an activity C can only be started when activities A and B have been completed, which have no bearing on each other and can be started independently. The correct network for the activities, is
A. Activities A and B can be started independently
B. Activity C can be started only on completion of activity A
C. Activity D can be started only on completion of activity
D. all the above
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