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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Pert and Cpm }

43. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :
A. An activity of a project is denoted by an arrow on the net work
B. The tail of the arrow indicates the start of the activity
C. The head of the arrow indicates the end of the activity
D. The arrows are drawn to scale from left to right

44. The artificial activity which indicates that an activity following it, cannot be started unless the preceding activity is complete, is known as
A. event
B. free float
C. dummy
D. constant.

45. A dummy activity
A. is artificially introduced
B. is represented by a dotted line
C. does not consume time
D. all the above.

46. The estimated time required to perform an activity, is known as
A. event
B. dummy
C. duration
D. float.

47. If D is the duration, ES and EF are the earliest start and finish, LS and LF are latest start and latest finish time, then the following relation holds good
A. EF = ES + D
B. LS = LF ? D
C. LF = LS + D
D. all the above.

48. The difference between the time available to do a job and the time required to do the job, is known as
A. event
B. float
C. duration
D. constraint.

49.  If TL is the latest allowable event occurrence time, total activity slack(s), is equal to
D. all the above.

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