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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Pert and Cpm }

29. Various activities of a project, are shown on bar charts by
A. vertical lines
B. horizontal lines
C. dots
D. crosses.

30.  For the supply of materials for concrete, form work reinforcing and placing of concrete, removal of form work and curing of concrete, number of bar(s) required on bar chart, is

31. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :
A. The various functions under each activity, are shown by one bar on Bar Charts
B. Bar chart establishes the interdependency of one event on another
C. Only approximate percentage of the completed work is reported
D. None of these.

32.  Mile Stone charts were invented in the year of

33.  A Milestone chart
A. shows the interdependencies of various jobs
B. depicts the delay of jobs, if any
C. points outgoing ahead of schedule of jobs, if any
D. none of these.

34.  Bar charts are suitable for
A. minor works
B. major works
C. large projects
D. all the above.

35. The first method invented for planning projects, was
A. Bar chart method
B. Milestone chart
C. Critical path method (CPM)
D. Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

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