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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { PERT and CPM }

22.  The most popular type of organisation used for Civil Engineering Constructions, is
A. line organization
B. line and staff organization
C. functional organization
D. effective organisation.
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23. The main principle of an organisation, is
A. unity of command
B. cohegency
C. effective control at all levels
D. all the above.
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24. Final technical authority of a project lies with
A. Assistant Engineer
B. Executive Engineer
C. Superintending Engineer
D. Chief Engineer.
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25. An Executive Engineer may have powers upto
A. Rs. 25,000
B. Rs. 50,000
C. Rs. 100,000
D. Rs. 200,000
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26. The Overall in-charge of an organisation at the site responsible for the execution of the works, is
A. Executive Engineer
B. Engineer
C. Junior Engineer
D. Sub overseer
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27.  Site order book is used for recording
A. instructions by the executive engineers
B. construction measurements
C. issue of store equipments
D. names of the casual labour.
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28.  Henry Gantt developed Bar charts for planning and scheduling of projects in
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