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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Pert and Cpm }

8. The final selection of a construction site, is done by
A. departmental representative or user
B. local civil authority representative
C. repreentative of engineer authority
D. all the above.

9. Construction team means
A. an engineer
B. an architect
C. an owner
D. all the above.

10. For the execution of a project, a contractor is
A. a person
B. a firm
C. an agency
D. all the above.

11.  Modular co-ordination of construction means proper
A. planning
B. designing
C. execution
D. all the above.

12.  A golden rule for the procurement of construction stones, suggests
A. 100% at the site 67% at the site and 33% under procurement
B. 50% at the site and 50% under procurement
C. 33% at the site and 67% under procurement
D. none of these.

13. The object of technical planning, is
A. preparation of specifications
B. preparation of estimates
C. initiating the procurement action of-resources
D. all the above.

14. While filling the tender for any work, the contractor considers
A. site survey
B. availability of construction materials
C. availability of labour
D. all the above.

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