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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Pert and Cpm }

85. Pick up the correct statement regarding CPM from the following :
A. The CPM is mainly concerned with cost and completion date of large projects
B. The CPM emphasizes the relationship between applying more resources to shorten the duration of given jobs and the increased cost of these additional resources
C. The CPM is used in projects where previous experience is availabie
D. All the above.

86.  Referring the figure state which one of the following statements, is correct :
A. The initial node of activity b is 2
B. The final node of activity b is 3
C. The initial nodes of activities b and c are the same
D. All the above.

87.  In arrow diagram figure of Q. 19.119
A. Activity b is the immediate successor of the activity a
B. Activity a has two successors but no predecessor
C. The terminal nodes of activities d and e is 5
D. All the above.

88.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. A dummy activity takes zero time to perform
B. A dummy is used solely to illustrate a precedence relationship
C. The predecessor of a dummy activity is to be completed before its successor can be begun
D. All the above.

89.  Refer to the arrow diagram and state which of the following statements is true regarding the immediate predecessor(s) of activity j
A. g, f
B. f, h
C. d, e
D. b, b, c.

90. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. A path is a set of nodes connected by arrows which begin at the initial node of the network and end at the terminal node
B. A path is called a critical path if it is the longest path in a project network
C. All the activities on the critical path are called critical activities
D. All tha above.

91. A projeect has three independent critical paths A, B and C. To reduce the project length, we have to shorten
A. The activities of A
B. The activities of B
C. The activities of C
D. The activities ofA, B, and C simultaneously.

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