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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Pert and Cpm }

64.  A critical ratio scheduling
A. establishes the relative priorities among various activities on a common basis
B. determines the status of each activity
C. adjusts automatically changes in activity progress
D. none of these.

65.  If a is the optimistic time, b is the pessimistic time and m is most likely time of an activity, the expected time of the activity, is
A. a + m + b
B. a + 2rn + b
C. a + 4m + b
D. a + 5m +

66.  PERT is
A. an analytic in concept
B. limited of event oriented diagrams
C. used for research and development projects
D. all the above.

67.  CPM is
A. synthesising in concepts
B. is built of activities oriented programme
C. is based on time estimate
D. all the above.

68.  A CPM family includes
A. CPA (Critical Path Analysis)
B. CPP (Critical Path Plotted)
C.MCE (Minimum Cost Expenditure)
D. All the above.

69. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :
A. The activity is the time consuming part of a project
B. The beginning and end of a job, are called events
C. The activity which consumes maximum time, is called a node
D. Logically and sequentially connected activities and events form a network

70.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. CPM analysis is activity oriented
B. PERT analysis is event oriented
C. CPM does not make any allowance for the uncertainties in the duration of time
D. All the above.

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