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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydrology }

211. Perched acquifers are generally found
A. on the surface of the ground
B. below the surface of the ground but above water table
C. below the water table
D. all the above.
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212.  Higher yield may be expected from
A. gravity springs
B. surface springs
C. artesian springs
D. all the above.
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213.  Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. In take of water supply should
A. be nearer to the treatment plant
B. receive water from purer zone of the source
C. be located downstream of waste water disposal point
D. remain easily accessible during floods.
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214.  The intake opening is generally covered by a screen to prevent entry of debris etc. and its level is kept
A. at the level of water of the source
B. at the bottom of water of the source
C. at about 2.5 m above the bottom
D. none of these.
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215.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. If ports are closed, the dry intake towers will not have any water
B. Even if ports are closed, the wet intake tower will have water filled up to reservoir level
C. The dry intake towers are generally constructed with heavier construction to resist buoyant forces
D. All the above.
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216. Water is supplied from the source to the treatment plant under gravity in
A. Calcutta
B. Delhi
C. Madras
D. Bombay.
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217.  Gravity conduits for carrying water from the source are
A. canals
B. flumes
C. acqueducts
D. all the above.
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