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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydrology }

204. The order of existence of three portions of water in a reservoir from the bottom to top is
A. useful storage + surcharge storage + dead storage
B. useful storage + dead storage + surcharge storage
C. dead storage + useful storage + surcharge storage
D. surcharge storage + useful storage + dead storage
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205.  Silt storage is the same as
A. dead storage
B. live storage
C. effective storage
D. none of these.
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206.  Dead storage of a reservoir of Q capacity generally provided for silt deposition during its life time, is generally kept
A. 1/8th Q
B. 1/6th Q
C. 1/5th Q
D. 1/4th Q
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207.  If average volume of sediment deposits is one-tenth million cubic metres per year in a reservoir of total capacity 10 million cubic metres, the dead storage will be filled up, in
A. 10 years
B. 15 years
C. 20 years
D. 25 years
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208.  The rate of silting in a reservoir
A. is less in the beginning
B. remains constant throughout
C. is more in the beginning
D. is more in the beginning and reduces in the end
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209. Economic height of a dam is the height corresponding to which
A. cost of the dam per unit of storage is minimum
B. amount of silting is less
C. cost of dam per unit storage is maximum
D. free board provided is least
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210.  If n is porosity, y is specific yield and r is specific retention of any soil, the relationship which holds good, is
A. n +y + r = 1
B. n + y = r
C. n + r = y
D. y + r = n
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