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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydrology }

176.  If V is total consumption of water in litres for a population of N individuals, per capita consumption or water allowance for the water supply Q, is given by
A. Q ? VV
B. Q -12 N
C.24 NV Q - 365N
D. none of these.
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177.  As per IS : 1172-1963, water required per head per day for average domestic purposes, is
A. 50 litres
B. 65 litres
C. 85 litres
D. 135 litres.
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178.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Domestic use of water is 50% of total consumption
B. Average consumption of commercial use of water is 25% of total consumption
C. Consumption of water on public use is 10% of total ?consumption
D. all the above.
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179.  According to IS: 1172-1963, a minimum of 135 litres ofwater capita per day, is required for
A. Boarding schools
B. Nurses home and medical quarters hostels
C. all the above.
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180.  If P is population of a city in thousands and Q is fire demand in litres per minute, for proper estimate of water, the Empirical formula Q = 1135 ?5 + 10 is suggested by
A. National Board of fire iinder-wHters
B. Freeman
C. Kuichling
D. None of these.
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181.  Most satisfactory_ formula for an estimate of fire demand Q for a city of population P in thousands for Indian conditions, is
A. Q = 1115
B. Q = 1646 41-5 (1 ? 0.01 )
C. Q =-3180
D. none of these.
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182.  If four fires break out in a city of population 40 lakhs and if each hydrant has three streams and duration of each fire is four hours, the total quantity of water required, is
A. 1880 kilo litres
B. 2880 kilo litres
C. 3880 kilo litres
D. 481) kilo litres.
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